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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the disruptive impact it has had worldwide, we are amending our entering average requirement (RULE #7) to read as follows:

Should a bowler be unable to meet the 42 game average, we will accept, a 2019-2020 composite average based on 42 games or more. In the event the bowler does not have a composite average for 42 or more games, then we will accept a 2019-2020 certified league average based on 21 games. If the bowler is unable to meet either of these requirements, then we will accept a current (2020-2021) certified league average based on 21 or more games at the time of participation in the tournament. All other bowlers who are unable to meet any of the above requirements will be required to bowl with a 210 average.

All other requirements contained in Rule #7 of our application shall remain the same.